Broadway in Tokyo

American Waterfront at Tokyo Disney Sea has three characters: a New England seaside village area, a San Francisco wharf zone, and the main area--the streets of New York.  It is here that the Broadway Music Theatre can be found, and inside, the wildly popular show Big Band Beat.  Out of all the attractions at TDS, this was the only one that I wanted to see that I missed out on.  The show is such a hit that admission can only be done by lottery, or by waiting for first-come-first-serve balcony level seats.  This means that unless you win the lottery, you're probably waiting more than one show's length to see a viewing--something I decided not to do in favor of experiencing other attractions.  And then, all of a sudden, it was my last day at Tokyo Disney, and the last showtime had passed, and I had still not seen Big Band Beat.

Oh well, more reason to go back, right?

A glimpse at the New York style architecture in American Waterfront.


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