Hong Kong's Castle II

When I visited Hong Kong Disneyland last year, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from a busy-ness perspective.  As with any new Disney park, I knew I would want to experience all the major rides, shows, and attractions but also take photos as well.  This effectively meant I would have to navigate the park twice--once as a guest, another as a photographer.  So I would need to be strategic to accomplish my goals.

Fortunately, it turns out Hong Kong Disneyland in November is a rather deserted affair--and the crowds were so light that I had plenty of time to ride and photograph without any sense of rushing.  This was bizarre but absolutely welcome--a throwback to the days of my youth with Walt Disney's Original Magic Kingdom had these sorts of slow off-season days.  And just how quiet was it?  Well, getting a relatively empty daytime photo of Hong Kong's Sleeping Beauty Castle was pretty manageable, even mid-morning!  That would be unheard of for any day in California! 

(And next time, I might even get more cooperative weather for better lighting!)

Crowds don't seem to be anywhere near as much of a photographer's problem in front of Hong Kong Disneyland's castle--at least during the off-season!


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