The Lilly Belle

With the Disneyland Railroad on hiatus during the construction of the future "Star Wars Land," the park has put a couple of the engines on display at the Main Street and New Orleans Square stations.  At the first, this includes a special viewing of the Lilly Belle presidential parlor car, the special caboose of the C.K. Holiday that was created to provide a private and elegant space to entertain V.I.P.'s touring the park.  Named after Lillian Disney, it features a lavish and ornate interior, with warm wood trim and lush velvet upholstery.  Various keepsakes are scattered around the car, and it's a great treat to be able to see this Disneyland treasure up close!

Looking down the Lilly Belle.
A wide angle view, peeking in from the side.
A lovely crystal candy dish sits on a side table.

A portrait of Walt and Disney sits at the far end.
Looking up the parlor car.
A view of the Lilly Belle from the outside.
And a close-up of the decorative railing and signage at the back.


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