Entering Tomorrowland East

Tokyo Disneyland retains a sort of retro-Walt Disney World feel, in part because its Magic Kingdom borrowed heavily from Florida's, but most attractions have remained the same with minimal expansion (but plenty of great maintenance to keep things looking spiffy).  As such, I have often heard friends describe Tokyo Disneyland as the museum version of WDW's Magic Kingdom--pristine but a little old.

Still, that's not a bad thing.  I found the dated aesthetics rather charming, and under a rare Japanese November sunny day, every view was absolutely beautiful.  And when it came to the afternoon and an early 2:00 golden hour that I was not used to at all, the clouds came together for a spectacular scene.  And what was already beautiful became positively divine!

Spectacular clouds set over Tomorrowland as golden hour passes over the Tokyo Disney Resort.


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