Canal to the Harbor

Tokyo Disney Sea is absolutely breathtaking at night--just surreal and incredible, but the problem with capturing these scenes is that the park doesn't allow tripods of any type, not even the small flexible tripods (like "Gorillapods") inside.  Neither park at the Tokyo Disney Resort allows this, and while this does make exploring the parks a little lighter and reduces the hassle of fumbling around another's or one's own tripod, it makes nighttime long exposure shots really challenging.  So anytime there's a place to rest a camera, it's golden.  The catch is to try to use such a ledge to get the frame you're looking for, because the scene and the flat surface may not always complement each other.

Fortunately, in the scene below, by the "Venice" part of Mediterranean Harbor, they did.  The flat railings of the bridges provided a great place to capture this wonderfully moody scene of the waterfront beyond.

Mediterranean Harbor is still at night, with Mount Prometheus brimming in the distance.


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