Dapper Day Spring 2016: Part 2

Yesterday, I started my coverage of this year's Dapper Day spring event--the unofficial Disney day where guests come to the parks dressed in their vintage finest or their classy modern wear or their creative Disney Bounding outfits.  Today, I wanted to share more photos from Sunday's Disney Bound meet-up over at Paradise Park, particularly of the Disney Bounders whose creativity continues to impress me each time I attend one of these gatherings.

Disney Bounding, if you've missed the explanation before, is derivative of cosplay.  Rather than go through every painstaking detail to look exactly like the character they want to portray, Disney Bounding allows fans to assemble wardrobes that suggest characters--with similar color schemes and patterns that allude to certain Disney characters.  I've mentioned in the past that when I first heard of the trend, I initially scoffed at the idea.  But my dismissal proved to be very short-sighted, because there really is a lot of imagination in these outfits.  If you need more convincing, check out the photos below!

Easily my favorite Disney Bound of the day was this disabled guest who rolled around as BB-8.
She elicited squeals of reaction everywhere she went.
Also eye catching was Kirk Stefferud as a gender bending Ariel.
Best of all, he had his very own "Pursula!"  Best. Fashion pun. Ever.

This gang combined Hercules with a bit of flapper attire.
Lizzy Jones, James Chats, and Brizzy Voices looking fly in the springtime sun as Meg, Hercules, and Pegasus.
And then a rival Hercules themed troupe showed up, and a stand-off occurred...
These lovely ladies decided to Disney Bound as the Bimbettes from Beauty and the Beast.  They were constantly in character with entertaining results!
Naturally, you can't have the Bimbettes without a Gaston!
Isn't he dreamy?
Other guests chose more understated Disney Bounds, like this couple as Flik and Atta from A Bug's Life.
This couple took on a Peter Pan theme as Wendy and Peter.
The three faires of Sleeping Beauty--Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather were full of energy.
Of course, you can't be by the sea without Ariel.  One of many on this day, really, although this is Holland Tayloe Gedney's iteration of the beloved Disney mermaid.
Here's another shot of Reagan Kathryn's Jane posing with a Mary Poppins.
Remember the Blue Fairy from yesterday?  Here's Victoria Ever After with her Pinocchio, Mad Man Cosplay.
A very dapper Rapunzel from Tangled.
I see a lot of Mickeys and Minnies when I'm at the parks.  I don't see as much Donald's, so when I do, it makes me happy, since Donald is my favorite among the Mickey Mouse gang.
Speaking of Minnie...
And we'll close today out with... not a Disney Bounder, but the photographer of the Disney Bounders (and other cosplayers), Jon York, aka York in a Box, and organizer of the group photo meet-up.  Couldn't have gotten the shots featured in yesterday's post without him!


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