Dapper Day Spring 2016: Part 4

I've made this into a bit of a Dapper Week to showcase photos that I took at this past weekend's Dapper festivities, and it concludes today with pictures showing off more traditional Dapper guests (with a few Disney Bounders thrown in).  The dapper attire harkens back to the premise of Dapper Days--to attend the park in an elegant, dressed up manner similar to the fashion of attending parks back in the 1950s and 60s when Disneyland was still young.  That was reflective of popular fashion at the time, which has gotten much more casual as the years have flipped by, so there's a really fun escapist feel for those who participate in Dapper Day.

The wardrobe is not restricted to any particular era, and many guests dip into the 1920s and 30s and 40s as well.  File it under the general category of "vintage," I suppose.  But it definitely looks great, and it's really cool to see so many people dressed up for a special day to go to the parks.  Lets check them out!

Dapper Day is also an occasion for couples to get dressed up and make a Disney trip even more special.

There were lots of adorable pairs throughout the parks on Sunday.

Tons of cosplayers were on hand too, as I've mentioned over the course of this week. 

Another example: Ashlynne Dae, who was actually more low key in a Giselle (from Enchanted) Disney Bound.

Those who opted for the "dapper" theme rather than the "Disney Bound" theme still had impressive outfits.

This couple definitely had their vintage game on, an the gentleman even had a functioning antique camera!

Playing around with imaginary scenes.

It was his idea, not mine, and it came out great!

Dapper Day was also a family affair for some, as evidenced by this couple and their adorable little girl.

I literally ambushed this couple as they were stopped by Carthay Circle Restaurant, because their outfits were so captivating.

They looked like they stepped straight out of an early century fashion sketch book!

Some guests used the dress up opportunity to stage scenes.

"Let me just stretch and maybe put my arm around her shoulder..."

Ah, young love.  How precious.
I loved this group.  They were so well dressed, you'd think they were part of Disney entertainment!

Looking absolutely fabulous.

Say there, is Five and Dime casting new singers?

Carthay Circle Fountain made for a great drop to catch Dappers taking a break.
Along Hollywood Boulevard, I spotted this exceptionally stylish couple.
David and Birdie made for a lovely pair...

And they attracted a lot of attention from other guests too, who were impressed with their ensemble.

Sometimes, people would just join into the general direction where I was pointing a camera!

And other guests maintained a more chic and cool appearance.  This could be something out of a magazine.
I like it when I don't have to tell the subjects how to pose, and they just naturally do it photogenically.

There really is something to be said about how nice it looks and feels when so many people are well dressed at the parks.  It lends a special quality to the day--that it's not just another common affair.

Back to a bit of Disney Bounding... the Peltola sisters provided some fantastic Avengers portrayals.

Chalk them up as another eye-catching group.

This man can tie a bow tie. And that's really cool!

The range of styles for "dapper" definitely spanned diverse looks, and that's another part of why Dapper Day is so interesting!
Lastly, we have Pinocchio-themed Disney Bounding Designer Daddy and his adorable family in flapper garb.  Talk about commitment!  With period-specific baby carriage and all!
And that's Dapper Day Spring 2016 in a nutshell! There were thousands of guests who participated, so this is just a tiny portion of what was there.  It was an absolute joy to encounter and photograph and just chat with these devoted fans of Disney, and I grow to enjoy this even more and more each time I attend. 

The next one's on Sunday, November 6 at Disneyland, so to any Dappers reading, I'll see you all then!


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