Partners in Tokyo

By now (if you've followed along this blog for a while), you've figured out that pretty much every Disney Resort around the world as a Partners Statue of some sort.  This is no exception at Tokyo Disneyland, where a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse stands at the end of the World Bazaar--Tokyo's version of Main Street, greeting guests as they emerge to stare out into the wide open area of The Hub at Cinderella Castle and the park beyond.  Now, no tripod in the resort means that I just have to free-hand and rely on the good ISO performance of my camera, so that's exactly what I did when taking this picture during my vacation in Japan last year.  Fortunately, I caught enough blue hour to make this a little more captivating.  Yes, Walt and Mickey make a great pair--no matter what continent they're in!

The Partners Statue in Tokyo Disneyland is at the end of the World Bazaar and not quite in The Hub itself, but it provides a photo op with the park's castle nonetheless!


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