Twice Upon a Time

Once, I had a blog post about Tokyo Disneyland's current castle/fireworks show, Once Upon a Time.  Now, I return and share a little more information about this nighttime spectacular.

Once Upon a Time does have fireworks, but it is really primarily a castle projection show, using the same type of 3D projection mapping pioneered in Disneyland Paris' Disney Dreams show.  The result is a stunning visual feast but not much for the pyromanic Disney fans.  Still, it's a fun story and wonderfully engaging, and thought it doesn't have the same moments of awe as a Disneyland Forever or Remember... Dreams Come True, it's still a great show.

Here's a recap of the moments of Once Upon a Time!

The show starts up with a typical Disney flourish of magic and pixie dust.

Scenes from numerous Disney movies play as the premise of the magic of "Once Upon a Time" is relayed, regarding the allure of these fantastical tales.

Aladdin, for example.

Beauty and the Beast (with Mrs. Potts and Chip as the storyteller and listener constant throughout the show).

Lady and the Tramp.

Peter Pan (and Captain Hook).

Alice in Wonderland.

Uh oh, we've riled up the Queen of Hearts.

A few bursts of pyro here and there.

Next comes Tangled.

Of course, we all see the light...

Cinderella with her Fairy Godmother.
The clock strikes midnight and turns into Big Ben to feature Peter Pan (again) with the Darling children.
Some lasers accompany a trip to Never Neverland.
Onto Snow White.
Then Winnie the Pooh, who is especially adorable.

Uh oh, beware those Heffalumps and Woozles!
They'll steal your honey...

And then comes the Beauty and the Beast crescendo.

Once Upon a Time is a tale as old as time, right?

Warm fuzzies as Belle and Beast have their dance.

But wait! Gaston appears and attacks!

Fortunately, Beast triumphs, and that brings us into our happy conclusion, marked by the prerequisite Steve Davison entire-show-review-in-one-minute montage.

That's the part where we a condensed version of scenes from earlier in the show.

The fireworks come in more heavily at the end of the show.

Spinning whirlies too!

And with a flourish, that's Once Upon a Time!


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