Focused for a World of Holiday

It always catches you from a distance--those glowing colors and dazzling lights scream at your eyeballs all the way from the back of Fantasyland, beckoning you to come near.  And that initial glimpse consistently feels visually overwhelming, as though all the saturation in the world was thrust forth all at once.

I tried to capture the memory of the approach to It's a Small World Holiday in this shot, compressing the shot with a telephoto lens and really honing in on the facade.  This gives a different feel than most of my other shots, which are wide angle and actually make the building seem farther away, despite the camera being positioned closer (a reflection of how a telephoto compresses perspective).  So what do you think?  Is this framing a more spectacular composition, or do you prefer the wide angle view?

It's a Small World Holiday never fails to look spectacular during the holidays.


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