Jingle Cruising All the Way

Take a trip into a surprisingly festive jungle aboard the Jingle Cruise, a ride that involves the Jungle Cruise skippers discovering that their holiday decorations have instead been scattered all over the jungle, resulting in all the animals covered in Christmas gaudiness.  It's a zany ride filled with absurd jokes--even more than the regular Jungle Cruise--especially at night, when an already off-the-wall holiday setting gets a little more wild.

The mystery unwraps itself in the ancient Cambodian shrine, though at least the tiger gets plenty of presents!

Oh no, the monkeys have gone ape.

They're making banana bread!
Or monkey bread, depending on the skipper.
The mess around camp is the yeast of their worries.

What's that behind the trees?
Oh, it's a bellephant!

Near the African veldt, the jungle has gotten some snow.

The reindeer have crashed and burned.

And become fodder for the lions.

Go home, reindeer. You're drunk.

Over to headhunter territory.

This is the most photogenic spot at night.

Also the most fashion disastrous, as the natives all have ugly Christmas sweaters.

This is a great present. It even has a Christmas boa on top!

Finally, Trader Sam and his little elephant, Ellie, welcome survivors back to civilization.  And a new year.


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