Haunting the Holidays

If you love the Haunted Mansion Holiday--and many people do--then today is a treat for you.  Mostly because I'm posting more photos taken from aboard the ride.  It's a dual holiday treat when Jack and Sally take over the Mansion and wreck the halls.  Familiar scenes take on a twisted feel, and everything feels both spooky and jolly.  It all adds up to some great holiday fun!

Treats for Zero?  Plenty this Christmas!
We can't open the coffin yet? Fine, if you insist.
Madame Leota offers some thoughts on the 13 Days of Christmas.

The ballroom offers a swinging wake.
The duel continues, despite the Halloween/Christmas intrusion.
In the attic, guess who's been naughty or nice?
The Hatbox Ghost is especially festive for the occasin.
Jack is pleased with the results.
The new Sally animatronic is just gorgeous.
A ghostly pumpkin Christmas tree is quite a sight!
Finally, Oogie Boogie invites you to spin the wheel--if you dare.


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