Lights Out at the Spring Night Hub

A curious thing occurred last Friday evening when I was visiting Disneyland to photograph the tabebuias in practically peak bloom.  They turned off the lights on me!  Normally, even well after park closing, the lights around the all public areas are kept on to continue the welcoming impression of the park.  It's not just for safety; this was something Walt always wanted--going so far as to discouraged closed doors because they implicitly discouraged guests.  On this night, however, just as I was setting up my tripod to photograph the beautiful scene around the Partners Statue after the last guests had left the background, the street lamps and the twinkle lights set in the tabebuia trees themselves turned off.  The only illumination left were the small spots in the flower bed around the statue and the lighting in the castle area beyond.

Never fear, however!  With the magic of long exposure photography, I was able to get suitable exposures anyway!  Sure, they lacked the usual pop of a regularly lit scene, but they also provided a unique photographic moment that certainly doesn't occur all the time!


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