The Harbor from the Fortress

Fortress Explorations is not only a fantastic playground on steroids for both children and grown-ups alike.  It's also a wonderful vantagepoint to admire the stunning shores of Mediterranean Harbor.  Under the shadow of Mount Prometheus, Fortress Explorations allows guests to admire that Portofino architecture on the other side of the water, transitioning to a more Venetian vibe, all under splendid skies.  It's a breathtaking scene, and editing these photos stirs a great longing to go back to the wonder that is Tokyo Disney Sea.  Look at the photos below.  Wouldn't you want to visit?

The main walkway through Fortress Explorations passes outside of Mysterious Island.
Panning left to right across Mediterranean Harbor.

The scene is quite wondrous.

Fortress Explorations unfolds right below.


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