Partners in Production

If you've noticed that there's a rather lack of Walt Disney Studios photos on this blog (even though I went there a couple of years ago, after my photo skills had gotten to a presentable level, as opposed to the lack of Walt Disney World photos being explained by the fact that seven years ago during my only visit, I was not a good photographer at all), it's because I have a bias.  Unfortunately, I just can't bring myself to find any significantly quality photos from here.  And it's not like the weather didn't cooperate.  It's just that, unfortunately, of all the Disney parks out there, this one is unequivocally the least impressive, least picturesque, and least developed.  There are few places in the park that carry a sense of ambiance and place, where architecture encompasses and immerses a guest into another world.  Most of the time, things feel too plain.

The Partners Statue in the Production Courtyard, at what is effectively the heart of the park, is a rare exception.  here, a Hollywood backdrop, some pleasant landscaping, and a couple of key focal points help bring some liveliness and scenic attributes to the space.  Now, if only they can bring this environment to more of the park...

The scenic Partners Statue at Walt Disney Studios in France definitely has a different backdrop than the others!


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