Remember... Dreams Get Cut Short When It's Windy

It's any Disneyland fireworks fan's worst fear... "due to winds at higher elevations, it is possible that tonight's performance of [insert fireworks show name here] may be cancelled."  And usually, when guests hear that warning, it can be assumed that the fireworks will not take place.  But once in a blue moon, Disneyland will start the show anyway, as conditions clear up just enough around showtime to begin. 

Of course, that doesn't mean the show is guaranteed to finish through.  Such was the case last night, as I was in the park to try to watch the Remember... Dreams Come True fireworks show for the third time in the last few visits, since I had yet to see this new version with castle projections enhancing the show.  The show started out well enough, with the projections adding lovely energy to the show.  But by the time the Adventureland segment started, no pyros were firing off at all, and the Indiana Jones moment produced zero flamethrowers.  Soon enough, the music cut, and the lights turned back on, and the Disney announcer proclaimed the bad news--that the presentation of Remember... Dreams Come True could no longer continue.

Ah well.  Such is the reality of having a theme park in a suburban environment.  Next time...

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

The prerequisite Mickey silhouette pyro burst.

For this show, guests flow through in front of the Partners Statue, which also means cast members wave their blue flashlights across to direct traffic.

It created some interesting visual effects across my shots.

A bit of light painting at The Hub.

Occasionally, the lights would be closer in the background.

Guests wearing light-up hats or holding light-up toys also affected the scene.

Fan fireworks streaking through the sky.

And a pair.

The colors turn a little patriotic.

The projections on the castle during the Main Street U.S.A. are lovely.

Having a train steam through "openings" is cool.

The long exposure shows the effects of the wind on the pyro streaks.

More projections beyond... in this case during the Main Street Electrical Parade segment of the fireworks show.

This coming after the actual thing!

But at a certain point, if the higher elevation winds become too severe, the fireworks stop.

Projections over.  And ghostly glows across.

The warm glow of Adventureland shining onto the castle... but then the cancellation.


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