The Grand Circuit Raceway

One of the ridiculously nerdy Disney things I can claim is the fact that I've ridden every single Autopia there is.  And of the four that exist, Tokyo's was the final one that allowed me to reach my goal.  Here, the Grand Circuit Raceway sprawls out in a lengthy figure 8 shape, and though the ride itself is actually probably less interesting than at some of its Magic Kingdom brethren, I'm glad I got to ride it--especially now that it has closed to make way for Tokyo Disneyland Fantasyland expansion!

Entrance to the now-defunct Grand Circuit Raceway.

Despite having changed little since Tokyo Disneyland's opening over thirty years ago, it was still popular even last year.

In the queue, car parts.

And also cars not in parts.

Waiting to board.

Cast members were very strict about guiding incoming cars into their appropriate spots.


Ready to drive!

Turning at one side.

Turning at another.


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