A Mediterannean-American Blue Hour

As spectacular as some might appear, photographs really do not actually do justice to the rich, enveloping atmosphere of Tokyo Disney Sea.  From far vistas to close details, there is a bevvy of immersive elements that make this truly a Sea of Dreams.  Even where two lands cross in line of sight, there are icons to catch the eye.  In the scene below, Mediterranean Harbor streches off the frame to the left, but American Waterfront sparkles straight ahead and behind.  A glimpse of Fortress Explorations can be glanced on the right, and the lagoon forms the stage for both daytime and nighttime shows that add a dynamic flair to the park.  I love the ambiance at Tokyo Disney Sea, and I can't wait to revisit one day soon!

Staring across Mediterranean Harbor to the Hotel Hightower and American Waterfront.


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