Dead Man's Grotto

Over the weekend, Tom Sawyer Island reopened after a year-plus refurbishment during the downtime of the Rivers of America.  The island has been truncated a little bit, but island attractions-wise, guests wouldn't really notice it, as none of the previously publicly accessible spots of the island have been removed.

One attraction that has remained intact is a relatively recent one, added during the "Pirates Lair" overlay added ten years ago.  Inside one of the caves, theming related to the Pirates of the Caribbean film series was added to give a synergy of adventure to the land.  Corporate intrusion aside, the theming is pretty cool, with a very spooky ambiance, visual effects, and an immersive soundscape through the cavernous layout.  And with the refurbishment, this little subterranean trail looks as great as ever.  Explore it--if you dare!

A part of the cavern opens up to reveal Davy Jone's chest.
Inside here lies the beating heart of Davy Jones.
This soul was not too fortunate in retrieving any treasure he was seeking.

A rocky scene.
The chest still beats with a haptic thump.
Elsewhere, treasure can be found if one looks in the right places.
Some have motion triggered Pepper's Ghost effects.
A 3D projection mapped prisoner bemoans his fate to any passer by.
Kind of a cool little feature.


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