Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular

Shanghai Disneyland has several live action shows to provide guests with a nice, air conditioned break from the rides and walking around the park, and among the most notable is Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack's Stunt Spectacular.  Held in the Teatro Fandago in Treasure Cove, this stunt show sees Captain Jack Sparrow checking out reports of an imposter stealing his glory.  But as usually happens with Captain Jack, the British troops show up, and a battle ensues as they try to capture the famous buccaneer.  The climactic finale of the show sees an amazing display of literal aerial acrobatics, as Captain Jack fights an opponent within the vortex of a massive wind tunnel.

The show is entirely in Mandarin, but the nature of the plot makes it relatively easy to follow along.  The only downside to the language barrier is missing out on the jokes lobbed throughout both the preshow and actual show.  There is a lot of slapstick comedy, which seems to fit something featuring Jack Sparrow.

Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular is pretty popular and can fill up quickly sometime.  On busy days, arriving early is definitely recommended if you want to make sure you catch a showing at the time you want.

Guests queue in the large lobby outside the theater before the show.
Before the actual show, actors come out with some background for what's to come.
The theater is wide but not very deep, providing a rather intimate experience.

The show opens with an appearance by Red Head, the strong female lead of the story.
Clearly, they're playing off The Little Mermaid here.
Redcoats come marching in, looking for pirates.
Oh, there's the pirate.
A notably Chinese Jack Sparrow enters the scene to clear his name.
He joins fellow pirates, who poke fun at Red Head.
Captain Jack has some pirate rivals, it would seem.
But soon enough, Jack's pirate life ways get him in trouble with the Queen's men.
A battle ensues as a more extensive set unveils behind the actors.
It's all quite exciting!
No, not the rum!!
Though it doesn't photograph well, large high definition screens provide background visuals.
The climactic wind tunnel fight is very impressive.
The stuntmen literally defy gravity as they do battle.
It's very impressive!
In the end, Captain Jack prevails and gets his desired treasure chest too.
Oh, and of course, he gets the girl.


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