Tea Party at the Sunset

Being a resident of Southern California, I really appreciate it when a really good sunset happens.  Now, don't think I'm taking our weather for granted.  All the sunny days and generally pleasantly warm temperatures are fantastic.  But the atmospheric currents tend to lend themselves to plain, cloudless sunsets most of the time, or heavy clouds that settle and block the sun completely.  And on those rare cases when there is a really nice sunset (typically during early winter months), I seem to have a habit of missing them or being at a non-scenic place when witnessing.

That's what makes moments like this sunset at Disneyland Paris so much more special.  Not only was this a great sunset, but I was traveling abroad and staying for a limited time.  To have my presence and the occurrence of a dramatic sunset align is great fortune indeed, and I made the most of it during my Disneyland Paris visit a few years ago!

Puffy clouds make for a dramatic sunset over Disneyland Paris' Fantasyland.


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