Leota, Shock, and Barrel

Much like Disneyland California, Tokyo Disneyland transforms its Haunted Mansion into a Halloween and Christmas overlay every fall in the form of the Haunted Mansion Nightmare.  However, because their attraction more closely resembles Walt Disney World's layout, there are some notable differences between the Japanese and American iterations.  One of my favorite moments happens in Madame Leota's seance, when Lock, Shock, and Barrel appear to peer through the window and into the room.  Who knows what trouble they're planning, but it's a fun and photogenic surprise to see them.  And even though she has her back (of her head) turn to them, I have a feeling Madame Leota see them too...

Lock, Shock, and Barrel (trust me, they're all there) peek into Madame Leota's Chamber at Tokyo Disneyland.


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