Rainbowall Falls

Around the corner from Radiator Springs, Ornament Valley is majestic and pristine.  But this Haul-O-Ween, it too has been transformed into a spooky saturation at night.  Rather than accent the typical red sandstone of the local geology, the lighting color wheel is rotated across the opposite, and those rocky cliffs now take on a spirited blue instead.  Firewall Falls has also changed colors--from a cool purple to a warmer red with tinges of the rest of the spectrum.  The whole scene seems unnaturalistic, but that makes a lot of sense during this ghostly time of the year.  If Halloween Time has indeed come to Disney California Adventure, it's completely subverted everything that is "normal!"

Willy's Butte grows a warm red as the rocks and Firewall Falls beyond take on an eerier hue.


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