Welcome to Pixar Pier

Last weekend marked the debut of the newest offering from Disney California Adventure, Pixar Pier.  Well, it's not really new--it was really a makeover of the back half of Paradise Pier into its own themed land.  And it wasn't really a debut, as parts of the area are still under construction and won't be complete until anywhere from a few weeks to next year. 

Pixar Pier has been pretty polarizing, with some people loving the introduction of more Pixar IP attractions, while others feel the job was a BandAid solution to something that didn't need fixing.  I have my own mixture of gripes and likes, but one thing I do think looks great is the entrance into the Pier.  The buildings and entry signage look whimsical and fantastic, and the Pixar-inspired colors really do pop.  If you've stopped by, what do you think of this land?

Pixar Pier, long after California Adventure has closed.


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