Choosing Your Side

Happy Star Wars Day! As is customary on this day, we say, May the Fourth be with you.  And later this month, it really will!  In just a few weeks, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will finally open after years of anticipation.  This land 42 years in the making is looking amazing from all the little teaser photos Disney has been releasing, and once it opens, guests will have the chance to play their role in a new generation of intergalactic rivalry.  Between the Resistance and the First Order, guests can actually interact and be a part of the story being woven into the land.  It promises to be a whole new level of storytelling and thematic immersion, and I can't wait to experience it in person.

To celebrate May the Fourth (and also the opening and quick filling up of the Galaxy's Edge reservation system two days ago), we flash back to when Disney was doing the Season of the Force overlay several years ago.  There was a sense of which side to choose then too--but with the original trilogy.  Empire vs Rebellion.  Light Side vs Dark Side.  Things just take new shapes as time passes, and as Luke Skywalker hauntingly quotes in the teaser for Episode 9, "no one is really gone."  What was in the past will rise up again.  And Galaxy's Edge will certainly rise!

The entrance to Tomorrowland, four years ago.

The Rebellion?

Or the Empire?


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