The Great Battle

In the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland Park, in Anaheim, guests sail by a pirate ship waylaying a Spanish fort, assaulting it with a siege of cannon fire.  This formula remained similar in subsequent iterations of this iconic attraction around the world--until it came to Shanghai Disney.  As part of remaking what a Magic Kingdom park in the 21st century is meant to be, Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure reworks practical and video effects to a cutting edge and epic modern dark ride experience.  Weaving three dimensional sets with projection screens, it places guests right in the middle of the adventure, transporting them into the movie franchise.  The climax of this comes in the battle scene, which is now a ship-to-ship affair.  Here, guests are literally in the middle of the crossfire, with more ships beyond.  It's an incredible and intricately detailed scene, and a magnificent evolution of a classic formula.

An epic sea battle takes place at Shanghai Disneyland's Pirates of the Carribean, and guests are caught right in the middle of it!


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