The Sorcerer's Fountain

Water features are pretty common at Disney parks.  They create little monuments or grand gestures or areas of focus wherever they are placed, and they can be gather places, respites, or even canvases for spectacular shows.  Among the various types, however, I find the fountains to be the most intriguing, since they add so much character to their immediate surroundings.

At Hong Kong Disneyland, there's a fountain of Sorcerer Mickey conducting a symphony of water and broomsticks.  The fountain is a small one and static save the rushing water.  And it's more of an object than a gathering device.  But it's still a charming little feature, meriting a quick photo op for those who pass by.

Mickey Mouse leads a couple of broomsticks to water at a cute little fountain in the back of Hong Kong Disneyland's Fantasyland.


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