The Theater Scene

Looking at the scene below, it might be hard to discern that the location isn't an early 1900s Atlantic seaboard metropolis, but rather the Far East of Asia.  But it is, because the scene is yet another one of Tokyo Disney Sea's many hyperrealistic, intricately detailed, insanely immersive visual moments that help make it the most spectacular theme park in the world.  Here, the Broadway Music Theater is a nod to New York City's famous theater scene.  Inside, Big Band Beat thrills audiences with rousing swing music and snazzy jazz ensembles.  The show is so popular that all shows after the first require lottery, and guests will camp out the first few hours of park operations just to catch the lone non-lottery show!  It's a great scene inside, and it's fitting that it's clad with an exquisite facade outside!

Tokyo Disney Sea's Broadway Music Theater echoes with the texture of old New York.


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