The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Courtyard

When I was in college, I had the opportunity one summer to intern for an architectural firm and be a part of the design team that worked on the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.  My role wasn't that extensive.  It mostly involved graphical support, research, and a little bit of detailing and documentation.  But it was still a dream job, because I was exposed to Disney design on a project located on the same property as my dream park, Tokyo Disney Sea. 

It took over a decade before I finally visited it myself, but seeing the completed project was a gift.  In my head, I still remembered the unfolded building elevations I had colored on the computer, illustrating the facades and the different paint schemes of the building.  I could pick out the forms of the balconies and railings and roofwork and central clock and even the ornamental dome atop the center of the building.  Seeing this transformed from a 2D medium of representation to 3D real life was exhilarating, and even though my contribution was limited, I still felt a sense of pride in having offered just a little bit toward the completion of this exquisite project.

Late night outside the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.


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