Cruising with Lieutenant Bek


There's a moment when guests waiting in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance cease being in a queue and start to be in a ride--even though that ride is still part of the line for the actual ride.  It occurs after the preshow, when guests exit the briefing chamber and board a Resistance transport evacuating Batuu after the First Order has discovered their whereabouts.  The ship, piloted by Star Wars favorite Nien Nunb, is lead by Lieutenant Bek, a Mon Calimari sympathetic to the Resistance cause.

Bek is in full view of guests as he swivels between observing the action in front and supervising the group on board.  The audio-animatronic is exceptionally detailed and a great use of physical characters on an attraction that also has its fair share of video and projected special effects.  And when the First Order shows up and manages to commandeer the transport, it's Bek who lends a calming influence, keeping everyone collected despite the sudden downturn in events.

Lt. Bek is the captain of the transport guests board to evacuate Batuu.

His character design is very vivid!

Bek monitors the scene in front, where Nien Nunb is piloting.

He also keeps tabs on several monitors showing Resistance X-Wing escorts.

Things seem to be going smoothly in space...

But all of a sudden, alarms sound!

Attacking TIE Fighters!!

Things are about to get rocky!

Oh boy, that's a First Order Star Destroyer behind him, isn't it?

Looks like the transport has been caught in the Star Destroyer's tractor beam!  But Bek stays cool as ever, feigning to be a captaining a civilian ship.  What happens next?


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