Transmission from Rey

This post doesn't technically contain spoilers of the Rise of the Resistance ride, but it does spoil the preshow.  Sort of.  If you already knew what the storyline of the ride was, due to already-public information, then this is just a visual spoiler. 

Guests embarking on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance play their role in one of the most immersive and epic attractions ever created, and in this story, everyone is a Resistance recruit, helping to fight against the First Order.  After moving through the extensive queue, the recruits are briefed on what's going on.  An incoming transmission from Rey speaks to the perils that are approaching, and what guests must do next.

The scene is pretty cool.  Besides the adorable interactions with an amazingly convincing BB-8 animatronic, the holographic transmission is incredibly crisp, making guests feel like they're really in the world of Star Wars.  Of course to achieve this effect, Disney turned to an old, reliable classic: Pepper's Ghost.  Most famously used in the Haunted Mansion to refract images of eerie ghosts, the result here looks as though a projection of Rey is right in the middle of the space, being beamed to the secret Resistance base on Batuu.  And it's just the beginning of a most astounding experience that combines multiple ride types and enveloping theatrics to put guests right in the middle of all the action.  Well done, Disney!  Well done!

Rey addresses BB-8 before the droid scurries away to Poe Dameron's X-Wing.

Then, she turns her attention to the new recruits.

Lieutenant Bek and Nien Nunb are standing by with a transport.

May the Force be with us!


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