A Jingle Jangle Jungle

It's Thursday, so lets throw it back to not only back when you could actually still visit Disneyland, but when Christmas came to Adventureland in the form of the outrageously and over-the-top absurd Jingle Cruise overlay of the Jungle Cruise.  This silly and gaudy holiday attraction was based on the premise that the Jungle Cruise skippers never got their shipment of holiday decorations--because they were accidentally dropped over the jungle, breaking apart and scattering wildlife and flora with Christmas cheer.  Wreaths, Santa costumes, holiday lights, and more adorned the various scenes of the attraction, coupled with even cornier and guffaw/grown-worth jokes.  But it was a huge hit, which made its sudden removal a few years ago a bit of a mystery.  

Oh well, as we've said all year, we still have the memories.


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