The Quarantine Christmas

This year has been a most trying year, and it's been a year devoid of Disney magic for Southern California for most of the year.  And it won't immediately resume to normal once the calendar turns 2021.  But in a year where we've been faced with an unprecedented pandemic that most of us have never seen, hopefully, you're able to find some solace or gratitude or resilience in something this year.  Despite the inconveniences, despite the losses, and possibly despite even personal tragedy... time moves forward, and I wish you the strength and fortitude to continue marching on.  Because even if it may not seem like it right now, especially on this most challenging of holiday seasons, there is a great big beautiful tomorrow that awaits, once we make it through this present storm.

May your Christmas this year be merry in whichever way you can find, grand or small.  And may you find peace and pleasant tidings.

The Hub with Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle behind on Christmas.


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