Noël Night

 My trip to Disneyland Paris last year completed an unintentional side bucket list item of going to all 6 Disney Resorts around the world--during their Christmas time overlays.  This would be a little more impressive if I hadn't been to four of the resorts only during Christmas time, but it still has allowed me to capture a little extra Disney magic crafted just for the holidays.

Of all the Disney Magic Kingdom Parks, Disneyland Paris is arguably the most beautiful, and its Christmas ambiance on Main Street is incredibly romantic.  The glittering garland, colorful ornaments and pretty wreaths enhance the Victorian elegance of this entrance land even more.  And at the end of the night, it's definitely less crowded than Disneyland California in terms of trying to get those last empty-park photos!

A quiet Christmas evening on Main Street at Disneyland Paris.


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