Christmas Scenes from Hong Kong Main Street

Disneyland Park in California has been closed for most of this year, and that includes the holidays.  But I almost forgot that I have a pretty extensive collection of holiday photos from Hong Kong Disneyland that I've never posted, so why not dip into that reservoir and provide some Main Street Christmas cheer?  The unnerving part of Hong Kong Disneyland is how much its entry resembles Disneyland Anaheim, and yet not quite.  The elements are all there, and many of the buildings are literally identical, but everything is much cleaner and perfect and neat and trim.  The character of the original isn't quite the same in this copy, though photographically, it still looks fantastic.  And it's pretty nice in person too--just different.  

Nevertheless, in a year where Disney pickings have been slim for Southern California, maybe a virtual trip to east Asia is warranted for a bit of Disney holiday nostalgia!


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