A Desert Spring

From yesterday's nighttime fountain post to today's daytime iteration over 5500 miles away, we're ending February on a water feature kick.  Today, it's from a park all about water--Tokyo Disney Sea, an immaculate theme park based on seven ports of call (soon to be eight) that has a decided aquatic theme.  At the Arabian Coast, the desert vibes might call out anything but water, but anywhere there is bustling life and vibrance in the dunes, there must be life-giving water nearby.  In addition to an exotic coastline, Arabian Coast also has an ornate fountain at the heart of a sprawling plaza area.  Flanked by an avenue of merchant shops on one side, the Magic Lamp theater on another, and the double-decker Caravan Carousel on the third, this regal courtyard is lively and beautiful.  But amidst all the activity, a tiled oasis offers a bit of respite and calm in what is often an otherwise adventurous day!

The heart of the Arabian Coast is a bustling courtyard area flanked by a theater and a double carousel.


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