Mystic Mysteries Within

Of all the Haunted Mansions around the world, Mystic Manor is unique--firstly because it's not technically a Haunted Mansion, and secondly because it's not actually ghostly as much as it is generally supernatural and fantastical.  Rather than being an abode for 999 Happy Haunts, it's a collection of ancient treasures and artifacts that are brought to life by an enchanted music box that Lord Henry Mystic brings home--and his loyal but mischievous pet monkey, Albert, opens.  Of course, all of these adventures can hardly be seen from the outside.  From the exterior, the home just looks like an eclectic collection of architectural styles--part Haunted Mansion, part Winchester Mystery House, part study in European eras.  But that's the beauty of this attraction.  It's just full of surprises!

Looking up at the marvelous Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland.


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