Ratatouille in Paris

It doesn't feel that long ago to me, but it was nearly seven years ago that I visited Walt Disney Studios in Paris, not too long after their new expansion area themed to Pixar's Ratatouille movie had opened.  This was the first significant investment in Disney's arguably weakest theme park in some time, and it represented a notable leap in atmosphere and theming compared to most of the rest of the park.  It might be a bit odd to recreate Paris in a park so close to the actual City of Lights, but it showcased a sophistication and detail that this park really needed.  Plus, its main attraction was also enough of a hit to spawn a sequel of seven years later--later this year, EPCOT will unveil its own version of Ratatouille: The Crazy Adventures of Remy, in the France section of its World Showcase area.  That will make things a bit easier for Americans who can't quite travel to France (especially right now, with coronavirus still happening).  But until then, we have looks at Walt Disney Studio like this to fall back on!

Walking toward the entrance of the Ratatouille attraction at Paris' Walt Disney Studios.


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