The Rip-Roaring Island Mine Ride

Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder Mountain holds by far the most dramatic and iconic setting of all the wildest rides in the wilderness.  Located on its own island in the middle of the Rivers of the Far West, it seems to present the thrilling mine train roller coaster as its own crown jewel, the pinnacle of the island.  The beautiful mining town, twisting runaway railway, and bold, sandstone landscape provide a wonderful visual, and the scene makes for a beautiful photograph from practically any angle.  And as great of a snapshot as this attraction presents, it's even better to ride.  Disneyland Paris is definitely a star for having some of the best versions of classic Disney attractions (Phantom Manor and their Pirates of the Caribbean being other bests in my book), and this one is definitely a highlight among them!

This speedy turnaround seems like it should be the climax of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but it's actually just a part of the middle of the roller coaster layout.


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