Pink Hearts and Pink Blooms at Minnie's

It's Valentine's Day, a day that is supposed to celebrate romance and love.  This means pink and red and purple decorations, lots of hearts, and a certain degree of commercialization of love too.  I could personally probably do without the hype of the holiday.  I think demonstrating love and appreciation for a partner should be an everyday occurrence, not just something reserved for special occasions.  But in the spirit of the holiday, I figure it would still be appropriate to put up a photo that sort of relates to the day in some manner.  So how about a photo of Minnie's House during the springtime, where the tabebuia trees are in bloom, and pinks and hearts are all around?  That's fitting enough, right?

In any case, if you're celebrating the day with a special someone, happy Valentine's Day!  And if you're not... happy Sunday!

Minnie Mouse seems to go hand in hand with the vibe Valentine's Day, in my opinion.


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