A Garden of Fantasy

One of the challenges of creating a fairy tale theme park in a land known for fairy tales and real-life castles and beautiful gardens is competing against the splendor and astounding wonder of historical precedents that are imposing and sprawling and exquisite in their own right.  At Disneyland Paris, the solution was to dip heavy into a storybook aesthetic, drawing upon authentic examples for inspiration but making designs even more whimsical and fluid and organic.  Throughout Fantasyland, a magnificent Victorian-esque garden winds its way around the attractions, wrapping into some of them and surrounding others.  The result is a landscape that is both complementary and prominent, with playful topiaries and fanciful flower beds that seem to spring to life from the pages of a book.  Add in a beautiful day, and the scene becomes practically a dream!

An idyllic garden-like scene stretches across the back half of Disneyland Paris' Fantasyland.


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