Toontown's Tabebuia

There's a nice perch from Donald's Boat that offers the closet thing to a panoramic view across Mickey 's Toontown as can be found.  A few years ago, I decided to do a late-night photo run over there and shoot an overview from that spot.  I meant to take multiple exposures to produce an HDR photo that balanced the shadows and highlights.  Alas, a misfire meant that my under-exposure somehow came up out of focus, and I didn't catch it until I had already gotten home and dumped my photos.  Fortunately, the overexposure was in focus, so even though the lights are much too bright, the resulting scene still offers a well-illuminated view of an-almost springtime night, with a beautiful pink bloom blossoming out at Minnie's House.

A view across Mickey's Toontown, with a lone tabebuia in bloom.


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