The Looming Mountain

It cannot be stated enough how impressive and epic Tokyo Disney Sea is.  With immaculate detail, hyper-realistic immersive atmosphere, pristine cleanliness, and a truly incredible and immersive setting, this is truly the Sea of Dreams.  And nothing speaks to that more than the park's central "weenie," Mount Prometheus.  Disney Sea's iteration of a classic Disney castle, this manmade volcano towers at the center of the park and can be visible from every corner of the seven ports of call.  This makes for some fun photo ops that can capture multiple lands at once, and it's also a reminder of the amazing lengths to which the Disney Imagineers and Oriental Land Company went to produce a truly stunning and one-of-a-kind Disney masterpiece!

Mount Prometheus looks especially massive with the compressed perspective of a telephoto lens in this shot, capturing Arabian Coast in the foreground, Mermaid Lagoon in the midground, and the icon of Mysterious Island in the background!


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