Broadway After Dark

Tokyo Disney Sea's American Waterfront faithfully pays homage to old New York City in the early 20th century, and that includes featuring a classic and opulent live theater to house one of the park's many splendid shows.  The Broadway Theater, however, may have the hottest ticket out of all of them, playing the highly popular Big Band Beat several times a day.  It's a show so popular that guests need to apply for tickets via lottery.  And those who can't win out camp out sometimes for hours just to get in.

All of that is a memory by day's end, though.  The quiet streets are much calmer than real New York ever gets--even in the late hours of the night.  But they sure are pretty, and so atmospheric and nostalgic, too!  This park may be the Sea of Dreams, but it's conjured a city of such too!

The Broadway Music Theater hosts the riveting and exciting Big Band Beat by day, but by night, all is quiet and peaceful on the streets of New York--in Tokyo Disney Sea.


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