After Hours at the French Market

We're halfway through the month and thus halfway to when Disneyland will reopen.  Capacity will be limited, and some rides won't be open either.  Nor will there be any shows in an effort to deter crowds from gathering.  What does that mean?  Well there will still be plenty of rides to enjoy (including a revamped Haunted Mansion and yearlong-delayed reimagining of the Snow White attraction), but for photographers, the reduced crowds will also yield more opportunities for open shots with less (or no) people in them--the type of peaceful ambiance settings that people like us strive for.  Of course, with reduced initial hours, there will also be less overall park time, but that might just prompt some more efficient photo runs--not to mention opportunities for empty park sunset photos as the days grow longer!

In the meantime, here's an empty park nighttime photo from the French Market, aglow after the park has closed!


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