The Arabian Skyline

The wonderful thing about Tokyo Disney Sea is how it transports guests to wondrous, faraway places that mix real destinations with romanticized fantasy to create a highly-immersive escapism that is reinforced by hyperrealistic theming and incredibly evocative ambiance.  Wandering through some of the ports of call could very well be wandering through dreamy destinations of travel lore, or even historical lore.  At the Arabian Coast, this manifests in a Middle Eastern environment that mixes a bit of Morocco and Mumbai, blending real life influences to create its representation of Aladdin's Agrabah.  The land is magical enough when wandering through its winding streets opening up to spacious courtyards.  But it's beautiful from afar as well.  And when the sun sets, and the cool night hues blend with the warm stone and earthen architecture, the result is something that is practically three wishes come true.

Araban Coast in the distance beyond the waterways, with a hint of Mermaid Lagoon to the left.


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