Pew Pews to Space

Several years ago, during the midst of its Star Wars celebratory overlay, Tomorrowland was home to some great photo ops at night, as Disney added a little extra touch of illuminance and visual drama here and there to celebrate the beloved franchise and illustrate the forces of the light side and the dark side.  One of the most striking scenes was the Observatron--that old Peoplemover station topper that also once functioned as a dynamic show set.  Once the sun set, the Orbitron light up wth vibrant reds and purples--not to mention a dozen crisp spotlights shooting photons into the skies like a Hollywood premiere.  This afforded some cool compositions, including this one, taken from the balcony of Innoventions.  The very essence of this scene screams sci-fi fantasy, doesn't it?

The Orbitron shines bright beams up to the heavens from Tomorrowland.


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