Magic Will Happen Again

Disneyland will finally reopen to the public this Friday, April 30th, after over a year of closure.  When it does, capacity will be limited to 25%, and online reservations must be made in advance before visiting.  There will also be certain attractions closed (the ones that can't quite maintain social distancing), and there won't be any shows or parades that would attract crowds.  

Nevertheless, it will still be a magical catharsis for fans to walk back through those familiar gates and recapture a bit of normalcy with the help of some pixie dust.  And though we're still not completely through this pandemic yet, there's definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.  And for those who are able to visit, the reduced crowds will probably make the experience even more special--as though they have the parks more to themselves.

The park reopenings will be special, and there are still events like the opening of Avengers Campus at DCA to look forward to.  But for now, I thought posting some nighttime photos from Magic Happens would be a little bit fitting, if only because of symbolism.  This parade, which debuted last year and hardly had a month of runtime before COVID-19 shut everything down, will also return... eventually.  And we can't to see the magic happen again!


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