Lightspeed on the Water

The first time I visited Tokyo Disney Sea in 2015, I was excited to ride one of the truly silly and almost pointless yet fantastic attractions in the park, Aquatopia.  What originally looked like a bumper boats attraction to me the first time I ever heard of it was actually a trackless "water" ride running through a course that was radio-controlled, spinning and twirling and almost dancing across the water in whimiscal fun.  There was no real story to it--just bit of revelry, and a very scenic, futuristic seaport setting.  That environment grew event more alluring at night, when the lights came on and brought out an evocative and vibrant setting heralding the docks of tomorrow.  Add to that the fun light trails gleaned from longer exposures, and Aquatopia was definitely a ride that brought out the innocent child in all of us.

Unfortunately, Aquatopia was closed for refurbishments in 2015, and my excitement was tempered by such forces outside of my control.  Fortunately, I came back the following year, and I made sure to get my photos (and rides) when I saw that the attraction was fully operational!

The waterways of Tokyo Disney Sea are full of all sorts of different craft--even playfully colorful ones.


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