C R E E P Carthay

During Halloween Time, Buena Vista Street takes on a more macabre and haunting aesthetic, and around Carthay Circle, this is punctuated by the spooky laughter of Mr. Oogie Boogie and the pall he casts upon the area.  In this case, that pall is green and purple lighting, representing the eerie spookiness of Halloween, flooding the trees and spreading across Carthay Circle Restaurant's exterior.  This is a really cool sight to witness in person, but from a photographer's perspective, the purples are nearly impossible to control.  They absolutely dominate the color balance of the scene, and tweaking the shade to bring out more detail is quite difficult.  But here, at least, there's a fun composition juxtaposing the tower against the fountain, with the trees farming the scene both in the foreground and background.  To be further refined?

Mister Oogie Boogie has taken over the tower at Carthay Circle Restaurant and also cast purple all throughout Buena Vista Street!


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